Top 5 Bankruptcy Tips

top-5-bankruptcy-tipsWithout advice from a skilled debt relief attorney, bankruptcy can be a frightening and overwhelming prospect. At Volman Law, we can walk you through the process, explain your options and help you regain control over your future.

We provide comprehensive debt relief and bankruptcy advice to clients, so they will be able to make informed decisions about their future. Contact a Connecticut bankruptcy attorney for a free initial consultation about your debts and tips about bankruptcy.

Top Five Tips About Bankruptcy

When you hire our firm, a Connecticut debt relief attorney will explain your options and provide knowledgeable legal advice about bankruptcy and tips, including:

1. Don’t make big purchases right before filing. If you make large purchases and build up debt within 90 days of filing for bankruptcy, those debts will not be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

2. Don’t try to win back your debts at a casino. If you have gambled at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and took a cash advance out of an ATM to pay for your gambling, your debt may not be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Credit card debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. However, cash advances made to cover gambling are often not dischargeable.

3. Don’t try to pay back personal loans before filing. If your friend or relative lent you money, do not try to pay them back before filing for bankruptcy. In bankruptcy, you cannot prefer one creditor over another. The court may go after the money from your friend or relative and divide the money between all of your creditors.

4. You may not have to pay back your spouse’s debts. In Connecticut, you are only responsible for your spouse’s medical bills. So, unless your name is on the debt, you are not responsible for your spouse’s non-medical debts. If you are facing divorce and bankruptcy, we can help you determine when to file for bankruptcy and whether or not you should file jointly.

5. Student loans can be discharged in specific cases. In most cases, student loans cannot be discharged. However, if the loan presents an undue hardship or is not federally insured, it may be dischargeable.

Get More Tips From a Connecticut Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

For the advice and tips you need concerning bankruptcy, turn to the experienced legal team at Volman Law. We can help you through the process and work with you to develop a comprehensive debt relief plan to get you the fresh start you need. Contact a Connecticut attorney at Volman Law to schedule a free initial consultation.

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