1. Ansonia-Milford Superior Court:
    14 West River Street
    Milford, CT 06460

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (203) 877-4293
  2. Danbury Superior Court:
    146 White Street
    Danbury, CT 06810

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (203) 207-8600
  3. Derby Courthouse:
    106 Elizabeth Street
    Derby, CT 06418

    Court Service Center: (203) 735-7438
  4. Fairfield Judicial District (Bridgeport) Court:
    1061 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (203) 579-6527
  5. Meriden Superior Court:
    54 West Main Street
    Meriden, CT 06451

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (203) 238-6666
  6. New Haven Superior Court:
    235 Church Street
    New Haven, CT 06510

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (203) 503-6800
  7. New London Superior Court:
    70 Huntington Street
    New London, CT 06320

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (860) 443-5363
  8. Norwich Superior Court:
    1 Courthouse Square
    Norwich, CT 06360

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (860) 887-3515
  9. Stamford/Norwalk Judicial District Courthouse:
    123 Hoyt Street
    Stamford, CT 06902

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (203) 965-5308
  10. Tolland Judicial District Superior Court:
    69 Brooklyn Street
    Vernon, CT 06066

    Chief Clerk’s Office: (860) 896-4920


1) Auto and Motorcycle Accident Forms

2) Social Security Disability Forms

3) Veterans Benefits Forms

  • VA Form 21-526
    Complete the Veteran’s Application for Compensation and/or Pension to file for disability benefits.
  • VA Form 9
    Use this form to file your appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.
  • Standard Form SF-180
    Complete this form to request a copy of your military records.

4) Workers’ Compensation Forms

5) Wrongful Death Forms

  • Connecticut Death Certificate
    Complete this form and send it to the Connecticut Department of Public Health to request a certified copy of your loved one’s death certificate from the State Vital Records Office.



1) State Courts and Government

Find directions to judicial facilities, search the state government website, and watch live round table discussions and hearings with local politicians.

2) Federal Courts

Get information about federal courthouses in the U.S. and Connecticut.

3) Connecticut Law Schools

Learn more about some of Connecticut’s law schools.

4) Other Connecticut Legal Resources

Read about bar associations and other legal organizations in Connecticut.



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