“I hired Mr. Volman to dismiss my divorce case due to lack of jurisdiction. The other party eventually withdrew the case. But I like to mention that Mr. Volman not only gave me a free consultation but he was very good in returning my calls and was always there for me.”

A Satisfied Client – February 2018

“Attorney Volman was professional and answered all our questions. We highly recommend him. He followed through. We are deeply grateful for his assistance.”

A Satisfied Client – January 2018

“Mr. Volman handled my bankruptcy quickly and efficiently. He had a “to the point, no-nonsense approach” both in the courtroom and out. During the process, I was getting letters from various creditors, collectors, and law firms that were written by lawyers for lawyers. I did not understand what they were saying but was immediately put at ease by Mr. Volman and Pam due to prompt communication via phone and email, usually short and to the point. I was in good hands and will definitely refer clients to him and use him again should the need arise. (I hope it doesn’t!!).”

Kevin W. – January 2018

“David was very friendly and took care of my situation quickly and effectively. Very thankful for his help. Very responsive as well, both via phone and email. Would highly recommend.”

Ryan – October 2017

“David Volman made a stressful and emotional bankruptcy as easy for me as possible. He is efficient and competent. Filing was fast and the entire process went smoothly. Even his paralegal Pam is an asset to the firm. I intend to hire him again for future legal needs and I highly recommend him.”

Deborah – September 2017

“David has represented us for real estate closings, mortgage modifications, and pre-foreclosure proceedings. He is very easy to work with, professional, and takes that extra step to ensure a smooth transaction. His wealth of knowledge and years of experience certainly shows when he is representing you in any legal matter.”

A Satisfied Client – September 2017

“David has helped me and my family over the last twenty years with real estate transactions and I never had to worried when it came time to close he took care of every detail also David just helped me to settle my mother estate here in CT and it was done with such professionalism and patience. I would recommend him highly!”

A Satisfied Client – September 2017

“Attorney Volman and his paralegal Pam did a wonderful job in navigating me through a recent stress filled and difficult real estate transaction. In fact, I have used attorney Volman for several real estate transactions over the years. Additionally, I had him draw up a simple will and power of attorney form for me also. I would highly recommend him. Very professional and nice guy too!”

Gale – September 2017

“Mr. Volman did a great job for us. My wife and I were going through a hard time. The only option was Bankruptcy. It looked to us like we were going to lose it all and end up homeless. I called Mr. Volman for help. I did not know what to expect and had very little hope for a good outcome. It all changed after my first visit. Mr. Volman showed us a way of clearing all of our outstanding debt and fought hard for us against our debtors. Thanks to Mr. Volman we were able to keep our house and other important possessions. In past four years, my wife and i have rebuilt our lives and our credit. All these thanks to Mr. Volman not giving up on us and being there for us all the way to the finish line. I highly recommend Mr. Volman. With him on your side you will have little to fear.”

Alexander – September 2017

“A very sincere thank you and congratulations. I never lost faith in you though at times it may have gotten bumpy..it certainly was a longer and rougher road than I had anticipated. Good job my friend and again thank you.”

A Satisfied Client

“I recently closed on my home and David made this seem so effortless. He was professional, and efficient in dealing with the process. What struck me was the confidence and ease with which he completed this process. I only went to his office once, the sign a few documents, otherwise everything else was done digitally, and by phone, which worked well as I hardly had the time to chase. After closing, I got a statement, and then later a Check in the mail, for some refund which I did not even expect. Will certainly recommend Volman.”


“Attorney Volman was fast, respectful and understanding when I explained to him my financial situation. He was by my side the whole process. Thank you!”

May – July 2017

“David has represented me post-divorce through alienation and custody issues with my former spouse. He is dedicated and truly cares about my case and works hard to protect my parental rights when threatened. I would highly recommend David in family cases.”


“Attorney David Volman was very knowledgeable and concise. He represented me in a difficult real estate sale. He was excellent in negotiations with the bank. I recommend him highly. I also thank him for all his help.”


“Attorney Volman has been instrumental in successfully representing me in several legal issues. He has proven to be a tough negotiator who always has his client’s best interest in mind.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to other family and friends in need of strong legal support.”


“David was wonderful, I felt in good hands and he always had my best interests throughout the entire process, thank you David.”


“I had a difficult post-divorce child custody case, involving the draconian over-reachers at DCF, and my ex-wife. I interviewed 5 lawyers before settling on attorney Volman. Having recently helped a client with a similar, but more extensive case, atty’ Volman understood the dynamics of my case. He knew the key players (including the state agencies and their procedures, the judges, and the Guardian Ad Litem), and was solid with the court. He had a good vibe, so after confirming him with his references, I decided to hire him.

He gave me a cost estimate that worked within my budget (A key constraint), and while I didn’t give him 5 stars because his emails could be so terse as to be cryptic, they did usually answer my question(s), or, I was able to infer the correct answer. Things went down pretty much as David predicted, and in the end, I was satisfied with our results. If I ever get put into the position of needing an attorney again in the areas where David Volman specializes, I would definitely hire him again.”


“David handled my business closing. He was very professional and had my best interest.”

A Satisfied Client – January 2017

“David was more knowledgeable than the 3 OTHER attorneys I interviewed for the case (Family Law – Child custody). I have a limited budget (I’m partially disabled), and was concerned I could get any positive result. David kept expenses down as promised, and I was satisfied with the fair result. He’s an honest, ethical guy I trust, but I will hopefully never have to hire him again – I would if needed, though!”

A Satisfied Client – January 2017

“David helped us both to close on our home and act as mediator in our divorce. He was knowledgeable, responsive and sensitive to our needs and situation. He made both processes run smoothly. He has a nice way about him that separates him from others in his profession. I would highly recommend him and would work with him again if the need arises.”

A Satisfied Client – January 2017

“I went to David for a divorce in Connecticut and I feel very satisfied with his performance. He is a great lawyer who has a lot of experience and is very familiar with the courts in Fairfield county. He was well informed and did all he could to be proactive and expedite our divorce process. I appreciate what he did to help me through the process, which quickly resulted in a positive outcome. I highly recommend him to anyone going through a family matter as he was extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to my case.”

A Satisfied Client – December 2016

“David Volman is great. He helped me with a child support issue and has the qualities you would want in a laywer (the right amount of assertiveness, knowledge, quick thinking, and good advice).”

A Satisfied Client – August 2016

“I was married for 12 years and have 3 children. In February of 2016 I had found out wife had been cheating and she also had a bad drinking problem. I hired David to help me through this process. For such a rough and miserable time I had with her David made things very easy and smooth for me. He was able to end marriage in 5 months. Now I’m happily divorced and my 3 kids are living with me. David Volman was the best choice I could have made! He always had me and my 3 kids best interest in mind. David is not only a great lawyer but he is a great person! I would recommend him to anyone.”

Brad – August 2016

“I hired attorney volman to represent me in a case to terminate my son’s biological father’s rights. DCF recommendation was not exactly what we wanted as was my son’s state appointed attorney. In court attorney volman fought for me and my son slash family so hard the judge actually went against DCF’S recommendation and granted the termination! He was not taking no for an answer! The father is trying to appeal and Mr Volman is still fighting for us! He has always answered/returned my calls right away and was extremely thorough in explaining how everything worked. He is already working on the adoption procedure and the hearing was only 3 days ago! He is an amazing lawyer and truly cared about my (4yr old) son’s best interest. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone for anything! Thank you again for everything!!”

Chrystal – August 2016

“David has represented me in post divorce child alienation matters. he truly cares about my case and ,y relationship with my daughter. He fights hard and refuses to give up. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law and has helped guide me through this tough time. I would highly recommend David.”

A Satisfied Client – July 2016

“David recently represented me and is currently representing me in an parental alienation case. He helped me win back my parental rights in a post divorce matter. He has been tenacious in defending my parental rights. I have come to know David as a person and he cares about my case and my relationship with my daughter. I continue to recommend David to anyone with family law issues. He has done great work for me!”

Chad – July 2016

“Thank you ever so much for all you have done to make this process very easy for me!! I could not have sold my own home without Pam’s patience & direction and Attorney Volman’s sense of humor & caring!”

A Satisfied Client – June 2016

“David Volman handled a very contentious family custody matter in a very well informed style and attention to detail that resulted in a successful outcome. I would recommend his services.”

A Satisfied Client – May 2016

“I reached out to David since I was overwhelmed with my financial situation and just couldn’t take the stress anymore. It was very difficult for me to come finally realized that I what I needed to do for peace of mind is to file for bankruptcy. Especially having had such good credit. David is thorough, efficient and gets back to you right away. The whole process literally took a couple of months from start to finish, without any hiccups whatsoever. David gets the job done.”

Marie – April 2016

“David Volman has represented me for the past two years in protecting and defending my custodial rights. I live in Georgia and his knowledge of Connecticut courts has helped me navigate and regain parental rights. David is a straight shooter and looks out for your best interest. He has represented me numerous times in court and does a nice job of presenting the facts. David is well respected by his peers. I continue to use David to fight my current case to regain my full parental rights. I would recommend David.”

Chad – April 2016

“David acted for two of my sons in a court case. I was extremely impressed with his quick grasp of facts and ability to see the best outcome. I am a lawyer by trade (not in the US) and I know a good one when I see one. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

A Satisfied Client – April 2016

“Attorney is very knowledgeable in his practice. He took the time to know the bits and details of my situation and presented a very strong and impressive case. I would highly recommend this attorney.”

A Satisfied Client – March 2016

“I recently hired Attorney David Volman regarding a bankruptcy issue. The out coming was amazing, even Attorney Volman was impressed with the results. If you want an Attorney that will work hard for you and is full of integrity, an attorney you can trust. I would highly recommend attorney David G. Volman to be that attorney for you.”

A Satisfied Client

“David has represented me in a post divorce/ child custody case and has navigated the process well. I do feel he does care about my situation and listens to my wishes and takes my input. I would recommend him. He will shoot straight with you.”

A Satisfied Client

“We have consulted with Attorney Volman, on two occasions. Couldn’t have been happier. He is a straight shooter that without questions puts his client first. We decided to follow his lead; his knowledge and expertise was spot on. He is in my contact list, I highly recommend.”

A Satisfied Client

“I have used Atty Volman for over 12 years, and have been very satisfied. His fees are very fair and reasonable.”

A Satisfied Client

“Attorney David Volman is an experienced attorney specializing in divorces and foreclosure resolution. He was like an angel sent from heaven. His office staff made me feel like they understood my situation. He is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney whom I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Maria – March 2015

“I am an attorney by trade (not in the US) so I was careful in choosing who to represent my two children in a Court case. I was extremely satisfied with the work David Volman did for us. He was efficient, effective and had a great ability to spot the best outcome and achieve it quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Dan – March 2015

“Attorney Volman was straight forward during my divorce and was able to get the results I asked for. He always returned my calls in a timely manner.”

Kim – December 2015

“Very knowledgeable and thorough highly recommended.”

A Satisfied Client – July 2015

“I used attorney Volman on two occasions and was very happy with our results.”

A Satisfied Client – July 2015

“I have used Atty Volman for over 12 years, and have been very satisfied. He looks for a fair reasonable outcome, he will not drag out a case to increase his fees. His fees are very fair and reasonable.”

Rudy – July 2015

“Attorney Dave Volman helped me get through struggles with my business during all the economic difficulties of the last several years. I really was overwhelmed and was so fortunate to have Mr. Volman put things in perspective for me and I was then able to put things in good order. I was so stressed out over these issues, but they were solved quickly and professionally. Thank You.”

Sarah – February 2015

“David has represented me for the past year regarding post divorce matters and child alienation issues between the mother and I. David has a keen sense of discovery and handles himself well in court. David is also sensitive to the high cost of legal battles and will work with you accordingly as long as you are true to your word and operate in good faith. He has solid knowledge of the law. My recommendation is to keep David as informed as possible. This will help you when it comes time to enter court.”

A Client – February 2015

“David is very knowledgeable in various aspects of law. He has been very helpful and expeditious in all my matters.
He came highly recommended. I would highly recommend him to anyone”

Brian – February 2015

“I have seeked Atty Volman’s advise several times over the past 5+ years. He is very patient in explaining any and all legal options that I might have. When he represented me in a civil matter, he was extremely helpful in breaking down and following through every step of the process, with a very positive outcome!”

Nancy – February 2015

“While working as a police officer on a side job for traffic control I was struck by a pickup truck . nothing was broken but I sustained significant trauma and I contacted Atty Volman who took on my workers comp case and worked out a mutually agreeable settlement for my injuries. We also used Atty Volman for a motor vehicle incident involving my wife and he was more than adept in walking us thru the process and ending her case on a positive base.”

Ken – February 2015

“David, has represented me in both real estate and business transactions. He is able to take a complicated situation and break it down making it simple and understandable. I have worked with David for years and I feel the quality of his work is beyond reproach.”

A Client – February 2015

“Attorney Volman represented me on various occasions relative to personal matters as well as business situations. His knowledge and skills protected me and saved from potential liabilities. I would certainly retain Dacid again should the need arise.”

A Client – February 2015

 “He represented me in a very complicated business transaction. He ran circles around the other lawyer and really helped me. He is the best. He was responsive and reasonably priced.”

Val – February 2015

“I’ve been using David for over 20 years and have always felt that he’s been honest and very informative.
He’s done residential closings as well as business closing for me and never had a glitch with any of them.”

Jeff – February 2015

“Could not have asked for better representation than Attorney Volman. He was thorough, concise and extremely helpful in solving the problems our family was experiencing. I would recommend Attorney Volman unconditionally. We were fortunate to have him represent us in situations that literally changed our lives. It was because of his advice and clear thinking in the midst of very emotional times that we were able to achieve the results in our case that were extremely satisfactory.”

Jim – February 2015

“I have worked with David for the past year, he treats all his client like family. He is a knowledgeable, passionate attorney and I highly Recommend him.”

Mark – February 2015

“David has handled 3-4 closings for me in the past. He’s good, knowledgeable an inexpensive. Highly recommended.”

Mark – March 2010