What Sets Your Firm Apart From Other Bankruptcy Attorneys?

I do bankruptcy because I like to help people and I care about them;  someone may be going through a divorce and a foreclosure, in addition to a bankruptcy, so I’m basically one-stop shopping. I can handle your foreclosure, your bankruptcy and your divorce, and if you happen to get arrested in a family violence situation I can handle that, too; you don’t want to have to keep going to multiple attorneys to handle different matters; I am the family attorney for all your legal needs.

What Outcomes Have You Generally Seen When People Represent Themselves in a Bankruptcy?

You can file bankruptcy on your own, but consider the fact that I can’t do what you do for a living and you probably can’t do what I do for a living; also, there’s the old saying that someone who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer.

Bankruptcy is very technical and it’s very important that you retain somebody with experience in that area of law who knows what they’re doing. Very few attorneys practice in the area of bankruptcy, and those who do specialize; it’s all they do.

What Are Bankruptcy Form Preparation Companies and How Do They Work?

With a form preparation company, you’ll have no one on your side to walk you through the process or to go to the creditor’s meeting with you and to deal with the bankruptcy trustee. Anyone who’s just helping you prepare forms will only do that; they won’t go anywhere with you and they can’t answer any legal questions you may have.

What is the Best Way for Clients to Contact You for a Bankruptcy Consultation?

They can call my office and we will email them a list of everything they need to bring in and some forms they need to complete and then they make an appointment to come in my office, to meet and go over everything. After that, they will take the counseling class on the telephone or on the internet, and once I’ve prepared everything, they will come back into the office, where I go over everything with them and they sign the paperwork, which I then file it with the court. Weeks later, I go with them to the creditor’s meeting, and they will get the discharge in the mail three months after that.

Any Other Advice Regarding Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy isn’t the end of the world. In the old days people thought that when you filed bankruptcy your life was over and you would never get another credit card, or another car loan, and you’d never be able to buy a house, but that’s just not true today. Over a million people have filed bankruptcy each year for the last 8 years, due to the high divorce rate and the chronic unemployment and underemployment from the last recession. Bankruptcy is very common, and it’s not something anyone should feel ashamed about if you have to do it; put your debts behind you and get on with your life.

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