The Most Common Types Of Cases We Handle!

The most common types of cases we handle tend to be cases involving DUI, assault and battery, larceny and drug crimes. But we also handle a lot of domestic violence cases, as well, and they can be very complicated.

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make in those cases comes when the accused electronically texts or emails threatening or inappropriate messages to girlfriends or boyfriends or ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends or spouses or ex-spouses. It is possible to be arrested for threatening someone in any way, whether the threats are made face to face or electronically, and you can’t do something obscene electronically, any more than you can do that face to face.

People often say things they don’t mean, but when that statement is in writing, as it is writing, it really sends a stronger message than if you’re just saying something in the heat of the moment, such as when you’re face-to-face or on the telephone. You really just can’t text or email anything that’s threatening or obscene because they just go straight to police and everything is in black and white.

A lot of these domestic violence cases stem from bad feelings after other issues that devastate the family, including divorce, foreclosure and bankruptcy. It’s not uncommon for me to represent someone in a divorce and then to do so in a domestic violence case. Too often, they all go hand in hand.

People Have to Be More Careful

Everyone is recording everything they see these days, both audio and video, and they’re texting and emailing their thoughts to everyone, which means everything is memorialized somewhere, either in video form or in writing.

A lot of people are on the edge when a relationship goes sour or they have financial problems, like a foreclosure or a bankruptcy, or even a job loss, and it makes them say things they wouldn’t normally say, and now they’re doing it in a way that means it can be easily accessed if someone complains.  People have to understand that there are consequences for their actions, especially these days, when everything they say can come back to haunt them.

How Public is an Arrest?

Unfortunately, everything is in the local newspaper under the police blotter section when someone is arrested. Not only that, but court proceedings are public and open to everyone, and everyone has access to the Connecticut judicial website, to find out who’s been arrested, what they’ve been arrested for and what you’ve been convicted of. Unfortunately it’s very public; when you apply for most jobs, they’ll look at criminal record.

What Do Prospective Clients Generally Say In the Initial Consultation?

They will tell me what happened, including all of the details that they remember, although they don’t always remember everything, especially if they’ve been drinking or taking drugs. Sometimes, what they tell me is contrary to what is in the police report because being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs can make people do things they otherwise wouldn’t do.

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