Common Client Mistakes That Hurt a Case

Among the most common mistakes people make that hurts their case is that they don’t comply with deadlines, especially when it comes to sentencing or diversion programs. If you are required to perform 100 hours of community service, you need to take that very seriously and get it done within the time period set by the court, and if you are required to go to anger management, DUI or family violence classes, you need to show up on time because if you don’t, they won’t let you in and you’ll be kicked out of the program, which means you’ll be looking at facing the charges again and a record.

Another big mistake is to talk too much; one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t say anything to the police or anyone who works for the court. Just ask for an attorney let that attorney do the talking and not you. Also, always do whatever your attorney tells you to do, whatever the court tells you to do, and to take it all seriously and do it.

Hiring an Attorney

Everyone facing criminal charges should hire an attorney, especially if it’s not the first time. Just because you have a record doesn’t mean that you’re not eligible for certain diversionary programs, such as a family violence, anger management or substance abuse program. There are also alternative incarceration programs that will monitor you and get you the help you need for whatever issues you face. Only a lawyer can help you make sure you get into the right programs and end up with nothing further on your record.

However, not just any attorney can help you. Make sure you get one who has plenty of experience, who practices in your area of criminal law and who deals with the prosecutors and judges regularly. This is important, because someone unfamiliar with the players in the court will have a harder time getting the best outcome for your case. Be careful of any attorney who guarantees a win, because there’s no way to guarantee anything, and someone who does that is not telling you the truth.

And don’t expect to settle for a public defender. For one thing, you have to be below a certain income level to even qualify, and even if you to, every public defender is overloaded with hundreds of cases at a time. They try to do a good job, but to them, you’re a number, and they couldn’t spend much time on your case, even if they wanted to. Yes, they’re free, but you get what you pay for as they say.

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