What Should A Client Bring To The Initial Consultation?

The first thing you’ll want to do is to call my office and set up your free initial consultation. I’m usually in court most mornings, but I am usually free every afternoon. When you do come in, be prepared, so that we can get started evaluating your case.

Bring any paperwork the police gave you, and bring the names and contact information for any witnesses that you have. Also, if you have any statements from anybody bring those, as well as videos, phone messages, emails, texts; anything that could help your case.

Do Clients Get Into Trouble During a Pending Case?

It does happen often!  Unfortunately, people who get arrested usually aren’t lucky people and seem to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, it’s necessary to comply with court orders. For example, if there’s a no-contact order, it means no contact by any means; no telephone, email or text, in addition to in-person contact; you have to dot your Is and cross your Ts and no excuses or pleas of ignorance! You can’t say, “I didn’t realize that I couldn’t talk to them.”

No Contact means No Contact, and violating a no-contact order can result in more severe consequences. In fact, protective orders go both ways; if there’s a protective order in place and they try to contact you, they’re violating it also.

Hiring a Private Attorney

It’s always better to hire an attorney; if you plead guilty to motor vehicle charges, you will have points against your license, your insurance will go up or your insurance company may drop you and place you into the pool of people who are uninsurable. Not only that, but you’ll have a record, which may limit you with regard to certain jobs. It’s very important to protect yourself for life by getting a lawyer and get the best possible outcome that you can get.

It’s very difficult to get your case dismissed outright, and a verdict of “not guilty” requires that you would have to go to trial. Of course, 99.9% of cases don’t go to a trial. The best possible outcome to expect is for your charges to be reduced or to get into a diversionary program so you won’t have a record once you successfully complete it.

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