How Is A DWI Defined In Connecticut?

Anyone who exceeded the legal limit for alcohol in their body would be arrested for DWI.

What Is The Typical DWI Suspect Like?

The kind of people who are charged with DUI can run the whole gamut and they include people from any age group.

Are People Who Are Arrested For DWI Always Very Drunk?

Most drunk drivers have a very high blood alcohol level which would usually be 2 or 3 times higher than what would be allowed by law.

Does Connecticut Have Laws To Address Blood Levels Much Higher Than The Legal Limit?

In this case the person would just have to take more classes if they were admitted into the program, although if they were not eligible for the program, then they would have to have alcohol evaluation and treatment as deemed necessary.

What Other Important Things Should People Know About DWIs In Connecticut?

People should just not drink and drive. If they felt they should not be driving then they really should not be driving.  They could call a friend, a family member, or even just Uber or a taxi.

There is really no excuse for drinking and driving because it could destroy the person’s life. They could lose their job and they would have a record for the rest of their lives, so it would just be a stupid thing to do. There really is no reason to drink and drive.

Is A DWI Arrest Public, And Who Will Find Out?

Yes, it would be very public. It would be put in the local newspaper, the region’s newspaper and it would be online so anybody could look up the person’s name on the state of Connecticut’s website and find out that the person had been arrested.

What Is The Name Of The Program For DWI Alcohol?

The program for DWI alcohol is called the Alcohol Education Program.

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