What Might Enhance Or Aggravate A DWI Charge In Connecticut?

It would be much more serious and much more difficult to get in the program if the person had been involved in a car accident, especially if somebody was injured. Also, the penalties would be much more severe for someone who was under 21, than they would be for someone who was over 21.

Should People Cooperate And Go Ahead With The Breathalyzer?

Definitely, because they would definitely face less of a penalty if they took the breathalyzer test and failed, than if they did not take it at all.

Can The Police Obtain A Warrant For A Blood Draw If The Person Refused The Breathalyzer?

If someone refused the breathalyzer, their license could end up suspended for double the time as compared to if they had failed the breathalyzer test, although they could ask for a blood test or urine test. The police could warrant taking a blood test if the person had been in a car accident so that they were actually unable to give a breathalyzer sample.

How To Answer Police When They Ask If The Person Had Been Drinking?

People usually tell the truth, although they usually say they had less to drink than they actually had.

What Common Mistakes Do People Make After Being Arrested For DWI?

The biggest mistake people make is by not taking the breathalyzer or by not cooperating with the police.

Are There Additional Charges If There Were Minors In The Vehicle?

The person could face charges for risking injury to a minor if they were driving while intoxicated with minor children in the car.

Can Drivers In Connecticut Be Found Guilty Of DWI If They Were Under The Legal Limit?

Yes, the person could be charged with a DWI if they were under 21, because it would not be legal for them to be drinking at that age.

Would An Adult Be Charged With DWI If They Blew Below A 0.08?

Yes, and in addition to that they could also be charged with driving under the influence of any other kind of drugs besides alcohol if the breathalyzer showed they were under the influence of any other types of drugs.

What Misconceptions Do People Have About Being Arrested For A DWI?

The biggest misconception people have is they would not need to take the breathalyzer, which is why a lot of them do not take it. The consequences on the person’s license for not taking the breathalyzer, would be double than if they did take the test and failed.

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