Divorce Bankruptcy Issues

divorce-and-bankruptcySeparately, divorce and bankruptcy are emotional and overwhelming issues. But together, they can leave a couple or an individual in the dark, not knowing what to do. With the help of an experienced divorce and bankruptcy lawyer, your options can be clarified and you can obtain enough information to make an educated decision about your situation.

At Volman Law, we handle both bankruptcy and divorce matters. We also provide comprehensive advice and guidance to clients wishing to divorce but are struggling with how to afford to live apart. Contact our family law and bankruptcy attorneys at Volman Law at (203) 929-7771 today.

Before you file for divorce, it may be in your best interests to file for a joint bankruptcy. This can help wipe out a large portion of the unsecured debt that was accumulated throughout the course of your marriage. This also helps prevent a situation where one spouse gets stuck with the entire debt.

It is important to note that certain provision in a divorce agreement cannot be altered by bankruptcy. We can help you understand how one may affect another, or how bankruptcy may affect your financial obligations pursuant to a divorce judgment.

You must know your options for bankruptcy and divorce before proceeding with one or the other. To further discuss your divorce and bankruptcy issues, contact the Connecticut Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at Volman Law to schedule a free initial consultation.

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