What Are People’s Top Concerns About Personal Injury Cases?

People’s biggest concern is that they would have to miss work and they are concerned about whether they would be compensated for any out-of-pocket medical expenses, loss of work, pain, suffering and permanent injury.

How Long Do These Cases Typically Take To Be Resolved, On Average?

Unfortunately these cases can take years. The person would have to file a lawsuit within two years of when the accident happened in order to go after the party who was responsible. The legal process would also take a long time and since the courts are very backlogged, it could take years.

How Soon Should Someone Seek Medical Treatment?

The person should definitely go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility on the day of the accident. They should see a primary care physician as soon as possible and that physician would then send the person to the appropriate providers whether the person needed tests done or whether they needed treatment by other doctors.

How Do People Get By Financially When They Are Disabled And Waiting For Their Claim To Be Settled?

The person would be able to apply for social security disability if they were permanently disabled. If they have insurance through their employer or short term or long term disability, then they could apply for those insurances also.

What Happens If Medical Bills Are More Than Either Insurance Company Can Or Will Cover?

Basically, medical bills in Connecticut would have to be paid by the person’s MedPay. Their insurance policy if they have MedPay would usually pay up to $5,000 of the first medical bill, although they would only be able to get up to what the insurance policy for the person who caused the injury had, because then the injured party would need to go under their own underinsured policy for additional payments.

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