What Factors Make A Sound And Viable Personal Injury Claim?

The person would really need to be treated by a doctor. Insurance companies generally do not believe in chiropractors or soft tissue injuries and physical therapy, so the person would really need to go to orthopedic doctors, or a non-alternative type of doctor.

How Important Are Witnesses Or Evidence In A Personal Injury Claim?

Evidence and witnesses are very important to personal injury cases. This is a liability issue, so the claimant would need to have pictures of things like the car, the police report and witness statements.

Do You Recommend Clients To Keep A Journal Of What Happened In And After The Accident?

Yes, they should definitely do this because there would be no way they could remember or keep track of when they were no longer able to perform certain activities or when they were no longer able to go to work unless they kept a record of it in a diary or journal.

What Do People Unintentionally Do That Can Hurt Their Ability To Recover Damages?

They could damage their case if they were doing activities they should not be doing based upon their physical limitations.

What Do People Probably Misunderstand About The Personal Injury Recovery Process?

People seem to think it is just out there for attorneys to make money and that it would be very difficult for them to get compensated according to their pain, suffering and injuries.

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