What Should Someone Look For When Interviewing Attorneys?

Basically, the person should try to meet with the attorney. They should try to hire an attorney who would tell them the whole process ahead of time regarding what it would be like and they should be someone who would keep their client abreast of everything that was going on during the process.

Can An Attorney Help Negotiate Medical Bills?

Yes, an attorney would be able to help negotiate anything.

How Are Attorneys Compensated In These Types Of Cases?

Attorneys in personal injury cases are compensated on a contingency fee basis. The attorney would usually get one-third of whatever was collected, and if they did not collect anything, then their client would not have to pay them anything.

What Are Some Warning Signs To Avoid Particular Attorneys?

All the attorneys who advertise on billboards or inside buses or on television are basically personal injury mills and they tend to have associates handle their client’s case. These are volume lawyers, so I would recommend the person to hire a lawyer who they had actually met with and who would actually handle the case personally versus handing it off to some young associates.

What Makes Your Firm Different And Particularly Suited To Handle Personal Injury Cases?

I believe I care about people and I understand what they are going through so I do everything I have to do, to try to fully compensate them for their injuries, pain, suffering, out-of-pocket medical expenses and loss of wages.

What Are Some Misconceptions And Misunderstandings About Working With A Personal Injury Attorney?

People see a lot of advertisements on billboards and on the radio so they seem to think of personal injury attorneys as ambulance chasers.

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