I’m Considering Getting A Divorce, What Should I Expect?


  • In order to start a divorce, you need to prepare a writ summons complaint and have a Marshal leave it at your spouse’s residence.
  • Then the Marshal will prepare what is called a return of service.
  • Your attorney will return the original writ summons and complaint and the return of service to the court with a filing fee of $350.  The Marshal charges approximately $75 for his service.  This starts the 90 day waiting period.
  • In Connecticut you cannot get divorced until 90 days after the return date.
  • During the 90 days, you can go into court for temporary or pendente lite motions to get temporary child support, custody, alimony, visitation, exclusive possession of your residence.
  • Once a divorce complaint is served on your spouse, both you and your spouse are bound by automatic court orders.  These court orders prohibit you from doing anything outside the normal course of business.

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