What Exactly Does The Mediator Do?

The mediator is an expert of sorts, who will discuss the issues involved, the law and what they believe the court will decide to both parties, after which they will try to get the parties to reach an amicable agreement on all of the issues.  The mediator will meet with both spouses together, because that’s the best way to come to an amicable agreement.

There is generally no need for either person to hire an attorney for a mediation. Typically, one mediator will deal with everything and will not represent either party. If they felt it necessary, the parties can later hire their own lawyers to review the final agreement, though.

How Do You Support Your Clients During the Mediation Proceeding?

I will usually be the mediator. Every once in a while, people will come into my office and say they went to a mediator and they wanted me to review their agreement, so I do that. Since I am usually the mediator, I handle and prepare all the paperwork as if there were two lawyers involved, then I help the parties resolve all their issues and go to court with them.

How Do Divorcing Couples Find an Appropriate Mediator?

Couples can search the Internet or they may just ask around to see if other people had their divorces mediated. They should try to find someone who is a reasonable person, with a lot of experience mediating divorces and who tries to really help them see what is in their best interest.

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