Mortgage Modifications

mortgage-modificationThe current economic situation in Connecticut and the rest of the United States has left many homeowners with mortgages that are too much for them to handle. The irresponsible actions of lenders have caused many homeowners to become in jeopardy of losing their homes. Many homeowners do not know that they can seek loan modification to attempt to continue to pay on the loan at a rate that is more affordable and fair to them, while still fulfilling their obligations to the lender.

At Volman Law, we are committed to helping clients understand their mortgage options and helping clients pursue mortgage modifications. We can review your situation to determine if you qualify for a loan modification. We can then work on your behalf to negotiate the forbearance agreement and loan modification agreement with your lender. Contact a Connecticut mortgage modification attorney at Volman Law at 203-929-7771 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Court Intervention to Save Your Home

Unfortunately, there is nothing the courts can do to force a lender to help you modify your existing mortgage. However, there are certain types of residences (1-4 family units), where mediation may be mandated in order to reach a resolution to the mortgage struggles of the owner.

Avoid Loan Modification Scams

With a rising number of homeowners unable to pay their mortgages, the number of loan modification entities has increased. These businesses make individuals believe that if they pay them money, they can get their loan modified. This is usually not the case. The businesses are taking people’s money and not doing anything to help with the mortgage.

You do not need another business to help you seek a loan modification. Dealing directly with your attorney and the bank is the best way to ensure your best interests are being preserved and that you are protected.

Contact a Bridgeport, New Haven Connecticut Home Loan Modification Attorney

You have options for dealing with an overwhelming mortgage. An experienced Connecticut mortgage modification attorney and legal advocate at Volman Law can help you understand your rights and options. Contact a Connecticut loan modification lawyer at Volman Law to schedule a free initial consultation.

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