Sale & Purchase Of A Business

sale-and-purchase-of-a-businessThe Shelton Connecticut, business lawyers at Volman Law work with new business owners to facilitate the purchase of commercial property and the purchase and sale of business enterprises.

Purchasing a business—especially if it’s your first business—is both an exciting and a risky venture. Don’t let yourself be surprised after the fact when all the details of your business purchase become clear. Work with a knowledgeable and experienced Connecticut business attorney to gain a clear understanding of the financial footing of the business you intend to purchase, to ensure that all licenses are secured, and be certain that the business purchase agreement protects each party’s interests.

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At Volman Law, our Connecticut business lawyers know that every day it takes to complete your business purchase is money out of your pocket. Prompt, responsive service is what we’re known for and what you can expect when you work with Volman Law on your commercial venture.

No matter what kind of business you purchase, similar steps should always be completed. You will need:

  • A lien search with the Secretary of State (called a UCC search) to ensure that you’re buying the business, not the former owner’s business debts.
  • Tax clearance from the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services detailing any back taxes owed to the state.
  • Proof that federal tax returns have been filed for previous years and that all monies owed have been paid.
  • A list of vendors, a review of existing vendor contracts, and information about money owing to these vendors. Ensure that a plan is in place for the owner to pay off these debts prior to closing on the sale of a business.

Different industries will have different additional requirements. Our Connecticut business lawyers work with owners of new businesses and small businesses of all types: restaurants, liquor stores, automotive shops, salons, dry cleaners, car washes, gas stations. We understand the requirements of starting up new businesses, including:

  • Permit application process for liquor licenses for restaurants, night clubs, bars, and liquor stores,
  • Department of Environmental Protection licenses and approvals relating to the disposal of chemicals and waste water from car washes, gas stations, dry cleaners, and automotive repair shops

The business law lawyers at Volman Law are here to protect your interests, from purchase and operation to sale of your business venture. Consult with an attorney before you sign that business purchase agreement.

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