What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling DWI Cases In Connecticut?

I do not handle numerous criminal clients at one court date because I prefer to just focus and deal with one client at a time. My clients get my undivided attention, whereas a lot of attorneys handle high volumes of criminal cases so they deal with many people at the same court date.

I care about my clients and I tell them what to expect before they get to court. I try to explain everything to them so they are not as frightened as they otherwise would be just by being in court, being subject to criminal charges and being subject to the possibility of going to jail.

Should Someone Hire A Private Attorney, A Public Defender Or Represent Themselves In Court?

Public defenders tend to have a lot of cases, so the person would not be their only client, whereas they would be the only client for a private attorney. Someone who represented themselves would be representing a fool.

A lay person would not be able to do what an attorney could do, because a layperson would not know what the law is. It would be most likely that the prosecutor would not give the person the kind of minimum sentences they would give if the person had come to court with a lawyer.

How Often Can You Have Charges, Fines And Other Punishments Reduced?

I can usually get people into the program if they had never used a program, although if they had used the program, then I could usually get them the minimum fines and the minimum sentences.

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