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What to Expect during a Divorce (Video)

Divorce is a very painful and complex process, watch this video to learn what to except during Divorce.  

Grounds for Divorce (Video)

Find out what are the grounds that can initiate a divorce as attorney David Volman addresses a very critical issue in majority of divorces in Connecticut.  

Child Custody In Connecticut (Video)

Learn about Connecticut’s Child Custody laws by attorney David G. Volman.  

How do Grounds for Divorce Work in Connecticut?

People always wonder if they have to have grounds for divorce.  Connecticut is a no-fault divorce state.  You don’t have to prove fault to get divorced.  You can just claim… Read More

Do I Need Grounds For Divorce in Connecticut?

People always wonder if they have to have grounds for divorce. Connecticut is a no-fault divorce state. You don’t have to prove fault to get divorced. You can just claim irreconcilable differences,… Read More

What Happens if Your Spouse Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

If you don’t pay your child support, your spouse can file a motion of contempt against you and the court can incarcerate you.  If you see that you cannot afford… Read More

What is Important to Know About Equitable Distribution in Connecticut?

People always want to know what they are entitled to when they get divorced.  In Connecticut, all spouses are entitled to 50% of all assets accrued during the marriage. They… Read More

How Does Alimony Work in Bridgeport, Connecticut?

In Connecticut, either party can request alimony.  Alimony is based on many circumstances including the earning capacity of the parties, the ability to acquire future assets. The rule of thumb… Read More

What is Discovery in the Divorce Process in New Haven, Connecticut?

In order to determine what should happen in your divorce, your attorney needs to request discovery. That means that your attorney needs to get tax returns, bank statements, credit card… Read More

Who is Responsible for the Debt in a Divorce in Bridgeport?

People always want to know if they are going to be responsible for their spouse’s debts.  In Connecticut, the spouse is only responsible for the other spouse’s medical bills.  Usually,… Read More