What Is Legal Separation? What Does It Mean To Be Legally Separated?

When It Comes To Being Legally Separated, If You Had Never Lived With Your Spouse For Some Reason Or Another, Do You Have To Go Through Any Formal Legal Separation Process Or Does It Only Have To Be Filed For People That Are Cohabitating In A Marriage?

The only difference between legal separation and a divorce is that you can’t get remarried. There really is no reason for being legally separated unless you have religious reasons and you don’t want to get divorced, or you’re doing it so that spouse can possibly still be in your health insurance. You have to marry to get legally separated.

Is There A Certain Period Of Time If A Couple Has Been Separated Before Their Divorce Is Automatically Granted?

No. You don’t have to be separated at all before a divorce is granted. The majority of people live together and coexist until the divorce is finalized because they can’t afford to be separated.

In Connecticut, Is There Such A Thing As Filing For A Legal Separation?

Yes. You can file for a legal separation but it doesn’t mean that you are going to stop living with the person; it just means you’re legally not married anymore, you’re legally separated. It means you’re still married but you’re just legally separated.

What Are Some Of The Benefits To Being Legally Separated For Someone? Does It Put A Certain Stop Or Benchmark In Place In Terms Of Anything That Happens From This Point On?

The only reason that you’d want to be legally separated is that if you needed to stay on your spouse’s health insurance and that was permitted to stay even though you were legally separated. Some insurance policies won’t even let you stay if you’ve been legally separated.

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