What Different Scenarios Can Come Into Play In A Divorce Process?

In Case Of An Abusive Spouse, What Is The Best Way To Start A Divorce Process Without Upsetting The Other Spouse Or Tipping Them Off? What If Someone Doesn’t Have Financial Control Of Anything Or Don’t Have Access To Certain Property Records?

If you feel someone is going to be violent, you think it’s over divorce papers, it is advised that you not be around and go somewhere, go away for a little while until the person were to accept that they’re getting divorced.

If You Were To File A Protection Order Or Something Similar Against Your Spouse, How Does That Come Into Play In A Divorce, Especially When It Concerns A Custody Agreement?

The only real way to get a protective order is only issued by the criminal courts if someone’s arrested. There will be a restraining order.

The only way to get an ex parte restraining order is if someone has physically assaulted you or threatened to assault you. There needs to be some kind of physical abuse where you fear for your life type of situation before a court will ex parte just basically upon your affidavit, you don’t have to testify.

They issue a restraining order and basically the person is removed from the home and not allowed to come back until there is a hearing two weeks later where the court will determine whether the restraining order is going to be continued for up to one year. It’s an extreme measure to take someone away from their home.

Can You Ask A Judge To Ever Postpone A Divorce For One Reason Or Another?

Yes. Once someone is served with papers in Connecticut, there is a 90-day waiting period. And anybody can file a motion for reconciliation to make the parties go to three counseling sessions. And if they don’t do that, then the court can delay the divorce for another 6 months.

Can Someone Ever Completely Refuse To Go Through With The Divorce? If So, What Does The One Wanting To Divorce Need To Do?

No. One party cannot stop another party from getting a divorce. Your signature is not required or your participation is not required in order to get a divorce.

In Connecticut, Do You Have To State A Specific Reason For A Divorce?

Usually, it’s irreconcilable differences. You can state fault but usually, the majority of people face irreconcilable differences. You don’t need to prove fault in Connecticut to get divorced.

Is Infidelity Going To Have Any Effect On Actual Divorce Proceeding In Connecticut?

Fault is one consideration that the judge can take into consideration. It’s one fact that the judge can take into consideration in determining the division of assets, custody, visitation, if there was violence, in alimony. So yes, the judge can actually use that in determining those factors.

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