How Are Possessions Divided In A Deep Dive Divorce In Connecticut?

In a Deep Dive Divorce, What Can Someone Take Out Of Their Home Before Moving Out, Before A Divorce Is Finalized?

Anything that is agreed on between the parties can be taken before the divorce is actually finalized as long as it’s agreed to.

Usually, their personal possessions, personal papers and anything else that the parties can agree on.

Is There Any Way You Can Prevent A Spouse From Taking Things Out Of Your Home?

Not until the divorce papers are served. Once divorce papers are served, there are automatic orders that are in affect prohibiting anybody from doing anything outside the normal course of business.

What If The Spouse Took Something That Is Either In Your Name Or That Belongs To You? Can You Get The Things Back Once The Divorce Papers Are Served?

Once divorce papers are served, there are automatic orders that are automatically entered that both parties are bound by and in order to get something back that the spouse has taken prior to the service of those papers or during the service of those papers, they have to file a motion. Just because something is in someone’s names doesn’t mean it’s theirs.

In Connecticut, both parties own everything that was acquired during the marriage.

What Happens If The Spouse Is Trying To Transfer Property During The Course Of Your Divorce? Does That Apply To Property Too?

Again, that would be prohibited by the automatic orders.

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